The risk exchange
of the 21st century

We power connections across the entire specialty insurance value chain aligning policyholders, underwriters, and risk capital providers across a single tech-fueled, data-driven platform. We are providing the means for individual underwriters to compete effectively with the big, old insurers.

We accelerate the
transfer of risk by:

Spotlight on data

We have robust data with analytics derived from over than 6,500 fields.​

For Members

Find the paths to increase your profits by unlocking the true potential of your business.

For risk capital partners

A real time transparent view of your portfolio with trusted analytics designed to make your review better, faster, and more insightful.

Modern security


We keep data secure by using encryption protocols like
AES 256 and TLS.

Built on the cloud

We use modern cloud infrastructure to host and protect our platform.

Independent testing

We regularly put our platform to the test by leading independent firms and researchers in an effort to continuously improve.