Accelerate your business

At Accelerant, we empower specialty underwriters, who we call Members, via our team of experts, transparent data, differentiated technology, and dynamic analytics – a recipe for profitable growth.

We focus on unlocking each of our Members’ unique capabilities to fully leverage their expertise in serving their policyholders. We support the needs of our Members across the US, Australia, UK, and Europe.

With our technologies

We’re firm believers in transparency breeding stability and trust. We do the hard work to ingest, connect, and analyze data to deliver actionable insights all as part of our platform.

The Accelerant way

We believe in a world where insurance is fair, transparent, and efficient. We are creating that future at Accelerant.

Invested in you

We succeed when our Members do. That’s why we provide long-term commitments and invest in your growth.



We provide you with a single point of contact, so there is no bureaucracy to navigate or answers to chase.


Connected tech

For us, it’s table stakes to transform data into insights and action driving market-leading growth for our Members.

For Members

Serving specialist underwriters like you is all that we do. We purpose-built Accelerant to maximize our Members’ success to eliminate conflicts and reduce the constant friction typical of conventional insurers.

Accelerant partners

We deliver an increasingly diversified, low volatility portfolio of risk to our risk capital partners. We never stop working with our Members to make the portfolio better.

Taking the big picture view

Finding great underwriters is hard. When we find them, we want to write their entire portfolio of products.​ Unlike conventional insurers, we listen with an open mind to our Members’ opportunities. We are not limited by arbitrary top-down boxes –​ we take the big picture, long term view. We focus on Members’ entire portfolio and work to grow the profits across that entire portfolio.